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Heather Foley: Would you be willing to play the role of patch if they ever decided to make the trilogy into a movie?

Heather, I would be more than willing to play Patch. It honestly would be a dream come true, and I think it’d be tons of fun portraying him.

Cyndi Gardner: would u like to play Patch if they were to make a movie and who would u cast as Nora and Vee

Hey Cyndi. I’d love to play Patch! It’s tough for me to decide on Nora and Vee, but I’ll throw out some names. For Nora I’d say Emmy Rossum, Willa Holland, or maybe Emma Watson. I could see Amanda Bynes or Hayden Panettiere play Vee.

Aimee Lauzon: Hello, Drew. If HUSH HUSH were to become a movie, would you audition for the role of Patch? How is your acting career going?

Aimee, I could only hope that I would be given the opportunity to audition for the role. My acting career is going well. I’m currently studying and auditioning so hopefully you’ll see me on tv sometime soon!

Jocelyne Laberge: if there is a Hush, Hush movie, will you be acting Patch's part?

That’s the plan! Hopefully I’ll get to audition.

Jessica Butler: So...since I'm guessing EVERY girl who is a fan of Becca's Hush Hush series associates you as Patch... Would you consider doing a movie if you were asked?(which I can't see movie people asking someone else first!) How do we get "movie people to act on this ?! These would be SUCH great films! They are some of my FAVORITE books and with City of Bones, Shiver, The Hunger Games, The Host, I am Number Four all being turned into movies – I can’t see how anyone could overlook Becca’s masterpiece! Have you read these books? How are you similar/different to Patch? Thanks for doing an interview, Drew! I am a fangirl!

Hey Jessica! I would definitely love to play Patch and hopefully you’re right and they’ll ask me to audition. We’ll just have to wait and see if it becomes a movie. I haven’t read any of the other books you mentioned, but I love the Hush, Hush series so far! I totally see similarities between me and Patch and think it’d be so much fun to play him on the big screen. Thanks for the support!

Erin Woodbridge If you were asked to play Patch in a film, would you?

Hey Erin! I’d play Patch in a heartbeat. I can only hope it becomes a film and they give me a shot.

Jenni Jim What would be the chances of you playing Patch, if Hush Hush was made into a movie? xx

Hey Jenni, that’s a good question. Having Fallenarchangel and all of you members’ support definitely helps. All I can do is continue to grow as an actor and hope that if the film happens, I get to audition for the part.

Marry Me?? Lol

@Ihateriridel (Marissa Del) ...Marry me?? ;D

@MustBeDreamin (Andrea Mendoza) WILL YOU MARRY ME?

@missmargaretXD (Maggie McDevitt) will you be my husband?! :) :)

Jewelie Elsbree would you marry me?

@sassysam2121 (Sammy Sam) I'd ask him if I could have him.

I don’t think I’m ready for marriage yet. But I have always said, “ya never know”.

On being Patch...

Catherine Mary Kelly: ‎'What did it feel like to portray such a tough, sexy guy?'

Hey Catherine! Definitely not your typical high fashion shoot. It felt great portraying Patch. It’s always fun getting into character, especially a tough badboy like Patch.

Colleen Kracik Do you play pool?

Hey Colleen! I actually do play pool. I had a table in my house growing up and love playing whenever I get the chance!

Gabriela Bianchi My Q, though I know it's bound to be on the list like a thousand times... HOW DID IT FEEL TO BE APPROACHED WITH THE OFFER TO BE THE HUSH HUSH COVER MODEL, AND THEREFORE, INSTANTLY ASSOCIATED WITH PATCH?

Hey Gabriela! I was really excited when I got the job but honestly didn’t know that it was going to be such a great book with an awesome following. It’s been so great being associated as Patch, and it was a blast portraying him for the shoot.

Allie Clara what is your similarities and differences to patch. and who would be your ideal nora. ;)

Hey Allie! Patch and I are definitely similar in some ways. I think some people see me as an arrogant bad boy before getting to know me. But also like Patch, there’s more than what meets the eye. I think Willa Holland or Emmy Rossum would be good as Nora.

Heather Foley How are you and patch alike?

Hey Heather! I think some people see me as an arrogant bad boy before getting to know me. But also like Patch, there’s more than what meets the eye.

Vanessa Martinez How do you feel being compared to Patch?-- and like Allie says, who would be your ideal Nora? :-)

Hey Vanessa! It feels great being compared to Patch. It’s been an awesome experience portraying him at photoshoots and going back and forth with fans of Patch and Hush, Hush.

Sudha Jumbie what similarities does he have with patch?

Hey Sudha! I think some people see me as an arrogant bad boy before getting to know me. But also like Patch, there’s more than what meets the eye.

Emma O'Donell Can I meet you?;D Just kidding...What is it like to be difined as Patch?

Hey Emma! It’s not too unlikely that we’ll never run into each other lol It’s been great portraying Patch. I never thought there would be such a huge following and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

@FearlessQuotes_ (Fearless Chick) Has he read the books? &Does he have anything in common with Patch?

I have read Hush, Hush but haven’t finished Crescendo yet. I think they are both awesome and can’t wait to keep reading.

@AimeeuDeus_ (Aimee Pereira) "Can you say Patch's lines just once more? Just once and you have us 4ever"

I’m going to see what I can do lol

On being a model and/or the HH cover model..

@Ihateriridel (Marissa Del) Hmmmmmmm did he have to work hard to become a male model??

Hey Marissa! The hardest thing about becoming a model is finding good representation. Other than that, I did spend way too much time at the gym to try and help my cause lol

@mjr1977 (Marilyn) What did he do to prepare for the shoot? ie read the book, talk to author?

Hey Marilyn! I didn’t get to read the book or talk to the author, but the photographer James Porto explained the characters as best he could and had some awesome sketches to help me out.

Lisa Alina Has anything strange or amusing happened when someone recognized you as the face of Patch?

Hey Lisa! I’m not sure about anything strange, but it was awesome getting to meet Becca at a signing and meeting some fans face to face.

Greta Yeomans How did u feel when you did the cover shoot for Hush Hush & Crescendo??:)

Hey Greta! I felt great. It’s been a blessing being a part of such a great series and I had so much fun during the shoots!

Angela Evans did you ever expect to become this famous with book readers just because of a book cover pose?

Hey Angela! To be honest, I had no idea that portraying Patch would generate this much attention. I’m so glad to be a part of it and was amazed at how awesome the cover turned out.

Erica Elizabeth What accomplishment have you done to comes this far? If you could, where in the international model, do you want to stand?

Hey Erica! I have done some commercials, print work, and other modeling jobs. My real goal is to get into TV and Film, and I’m looking forward to everything that comes along with the journey getting there.

Odessa Dow Are you ever stopped by fans of hush hush and asked for pics?

Hey Odessa! It hasn’t happened to me randomly in public. It was awesome taking pictures and signing books with Becca, and I love seeing people reading the book randomly on the subway.

Deborah Serratore How often do people recognise you and ask you who you are?

Hey Deborah! It’s actually only happened a couple times. More often people that already know me don’t know that I’m modeling and acting and text or facebook me and ask it if was me that they saw on tv or in print.

Erica Elizabeth What would you have changes when you were modeling for Patch? Is there any hardship you have done throughout your life to get this far? Do you regret it?

Hey Erica! I wouldn’t change anything about modeling as Patch. The shoot was fun and it has been great for my career. I have had some hardships in my life like most people, and feel blessed to have had such an opportunity. I don’t regret it at all, and am truly happy with the career path I’ve chosen.

Sarahjane Larkin Hey, my question is, are you going to your role as Patch for the cover of Tempest?

Hey Sarahjane! I can’t tell you that I’ll definitely be on it, but I hope so. We’ll all just have to wait and see!

On the books....

Kristina Haecker Have you read Crecendo yet?

Hey Kristina! Unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet but I am really liking it so far and can’t wait to keep reading.

Daniela Schrey Have you read Crescendo yet? If you have, what did you think of it?

Hey Daniela! I haven’t finished it yet but I really like it so far. I’m looking forward to finishing it and reading book 3 when it comes out!

Erin Gardner Would you rather be a fallen angel or guardian angel?

Hey Erin! I think I’d rather be a fallen angel because I’d rather be on earth experiencing life as a person and interacting with other people.


Deanna-Ray Beers Do you know why all Drew's are great people? Fatima said so and i agree, my best friend is a Drew and is also an amazing person.

Hey Deanna! I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m guessing our DNA changes as soon as our parents decide on the name lol

Eleanor Brennan Who would be your ideal Nora. ;)

Hey Eleanor! I think Emmy Rossum or Willa Holland would be great as Nora.

Stephanie Hall why are you so gorgeous?!

Hey Stephanie! First of all, thanks! Second, thank my beautiful mom and dad lol

Daniela Schrey What was it like to meet Becca? I'm curious what you talked about.. :D

Hey Daniela! Meeting Becca was awesome! She is so cool and I had so much fun hanging out and chatting with her. We talked about your typical, fallen archangel bad boy topics, obviously lol

@MustBeDreamin (Andrea Mendoza) did you get so stunningly gorgeous?

Hey Andrea! First of all, thanks! Second, thank my beautiful mom and dad lol

@sheba201 (Ari Noth): Is that really ur hair

Hey Ari! Yes, this really is my hair. I used to want to bleach it totally blonde to the roots, but I’m kind of glad I never did lol

Back in late December we (Rebecca & Jenn) met up with Drew to talk and get some posters and books signed!

We also took fan questions for him! Topics varied from a HUSH HUSH movie and being a model to marriage proposals! As always Drew was kind enough to take the time to answer as many questions as he could. Thank You to everyone who submitted questions of Twitter and Facebook (sorry if yours wasn't answered this time) AND thanks soo much to Drew for answering!

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