The cover of HUSH HUSH has generated a lot of great buzz and brought many readers to this amazing book! The cover is by James Porto and features Drew Doyon as Patch.


The cover of Hush, Hush depicts the moment Patch was banished from heaven - Becca Fitzpatrick

... this was an amazing project that needed a totally unique knock-your-socks-off jacket to match the tone of what Becca had woven. “Hush, Hush” is such a thrilling, hot, story ....

I have things taped all over the walls of my office to inspire me, and I have lots of photographer’s postcards tucked into my cork board, but I wanted something unlike anything we’d ever done before. This book was too special for something ho-hum.

I began the hunt, and after looking at the work of literally hundreds of photographers,I came upon James Porto’s striking images – it was love at first sight! From his work I could tell that he was the brilliant, inventive, exciting talent this project needed.

...After a very fun shoot with our pitch-perfect Patch, and with lots of post-shoot work by James and with many encouraging words from our end (okay - mainly squeals!), we had an image that we knew was just perfect. Absolutely goose-bumpy! The rest of the Simon & Schuster team totally agreed!

- Lucy Ruth Cummins, Senior Designer, Simon & Schuster


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